Jan 30, 2024 • 3 min read

Day 2: Supercharging the Highlight Query Builder

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Chris Esplin
Software Engineer

Parsing Biggish Data

It's not Big Data™ by any means, but Highlight generates a figurative avalanche of observability data every single day.

We recently added Traces to our portfolio, multiplying our database rows yet again.

Our ClickHouse database has powerful search and filtering tools, but we've got to surface those to you, our users.

A Custom Query Language

At Highlight, we believe in cleaning up after ourselves. We cleaned up this mess with our own little query language, along with an interpreter that we can run on the client or the server.

We've enhanced the Highlight Query Builder to support numeric filtering and intricate query structures involving NOT and OR clauses.

The beauty of our query language lies in its isomorphic nature, seamlessly functioning from server to client. This not only improves performance but also lays a solid groundwork for future expansion.


  1. Advanced Numeric Filtering: Need to filter data beyond a certain threshold? Simply use operators like >, <, <=, and >=. For example, to find spans that take longer than 10µs, type duration>10000.

  1. Enhanced Logical Operations: Our Query Builder supports NOT and OR operators, along with grouping statements. For instance, you can easily construct a query like service_name=private-graph OR (status>=400 service_name=public-graph).

  1. Client-Side Query Validation: Experience immediate feedback with client-side query validation. This feature enhances user experience by enabling quick troubleshooting and ensuring query accuracy.

  1. Autocomplete for Operators: Discover and use operators with our new autocomplete feature. This addition supports operators like =, !=, >, <, <=, >=, making query construction more intuitive.

  1. Syntax Highlighting for Complex Queries: No more getting lost in complicated queries. Our enhanced syntax highlighting feature ensures that even the most complex queries are easy to read and understand.

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