May 3, 2024 • 3 min read

Day 5: Self-hosted & Enterprise

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Jay Khatri

Day 4: Self-hosted & Enterprise!

Finally, Day 5 is all about supporting the open source distribution and larger enterprises.

Checkout our launch video or keep reading!

We’ve been putting a lot of work these past few months into supporting our self-hosted deploy and making it easier for folks to get started on their own infrastructure.


The first change we’ve made is better support for k8s. Now, users can deploy the hobby instance with Helm or a kubernetes manifest! Read up in our docs if you want to get started.

Highlight on the AWS Marketplace

Secondly, Highlight is now on the AWS Marketplace. This means that customers that prefer to pay for Highlight with their AWS commits can do exactly that. Get started here.

Self-hosted Pricing Updates

Lastly, we’ve also published some more details about our cloud pricing and our self-hosted enterprise pricing.If you’re interested in learning more about that first-hand, please reach out :)

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