Feb 29, 2024 • 2 min read

Highlight Pod #5: Replo with Yuxin Zhu

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Chris Esplin
Software Engineer

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Low-code for Shopify

Replo is a low-code toolkit that integrates with Shopify and allows users to build e-commerce storefronts without hiring developers. Replo focuses on design, analytics, and conversion optimization. Early-stage and mid-market businesses typically benefit the most, with agencies often using Replo to service the end customer.

Yuxin and his co-founder Noah started the business by taking on consulting clients. They effectively worked for free to build out Shopify experiences for these design partners, learning what the market needed while they built out their initial product.

Customer support and growth

Replo's initial support involved manual account creation and weekly check-ins with customers. Over time, they transitioned to a more scalable support model with a team and multiple tiers of escalation; however, Replo still offers chat support to all users in order to retain close contact with their customers.


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