Apr 11, 2024 • 2 min read

Highlight Pod #8: Nimbus.dev founder Kevin Lin

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Chris Esplin
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The Rising Costs of Observability

The cost of observability tools like Datadog and Honeycomb has become a major pain point for many companies. Kevin, the co-founder of Nimbus, an observability optimization platform, shared that he was shocked by how much these commercial observability solutions can cost customers. While Honeycomb has suggested companies should be spending 20-30% of their technology budgets on observability, Kevin believes this is too high, and that internally-built observability should be able to be done for single-digit percentages of the technology budget.

Optimizing Observability Costs

Nimbus helps companies optimize their observability costs, especially when using tools like Datadog. By identifying common log patterns and aggregating similar log entries, Nimbus can reduce the billable data volume by 80-90% without losing any of the underlying observability data. This allows companies to drastically cut their observability costs without sacrificing visibility or insights. Nimbus achieves these savings by sitting in between the customer and their observability vendor, processing and optimizing the data before sending it to the vendor.


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