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Changelog #027



šŸ“ø Session comment alerts via email and Slack now show a screenshot of the session of when the comment was created šŸž Error titles are now more descriptive when they contain JSON


  1. The console in the session's DevTools has a new look
  2. Fixed a bug where toggling between Inspect DOM and comments on the session player led to not being able to create comments
  3. Highlight and Slack mentions are not visually distinguishable when creating a comment with a mention
  4. Fixed a layout shift that happened after the DevTools network resources loaded
  5. Fixed a layout shift when the player loaded on small viewports
  6. Fixed the keyboard shortcuts guide getting triggered accidentally when clicking on whitespace on the alerts page
  7. Fixed Slack messages from Highlight showing a warning after clicking the primary action
  8. Code snippets across the app now have syntax highlighting
  9. Fixed interaction bug with the user dropdown flickering between open and closed when clicking on the user avatar
  10. Added a loading state for when updating an error
  11. The DevTools table headers and data are now aligned even when there's overflow
  12. Fixed a bug when strict privacy mode was enabled that caused non-printing characters to be shown in the session replay
  13. Updated the styling for console messages and session errors to be more consistent with the browser DevTools
  14. Improved JSON rendering for error descriptions
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