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Changelog #030



šŸšØ Alerts have been overhauled; you can now create and delete alerts šŸŽØ Highlight now records <canvas> with the experimental flag enableCanvasRecording šŸ“ˆ The session feed now shows a graph of activity during the session


  1. The player right panel expand button's hit area was not the same as the visual button. You can now click the whole button to expand the player right panel.
  2. Scrolling for the session events is now smoother
  3. Going to a session from an error's experience has been improved: now you will see the error details
  4. The timeline annotations are now rendered with the same scaling as the player progress bar.
  5. The session feed detailed view now shows the percentage of active time per session
  6. Alerts from Highlight sent to Slack will now show a summary of what the alert is about in notifications
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