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Changelog #046



šŸ–„ You can now configure which console methods are recorded šŸ’¬ Session and error links shared in Slack will now expand showing you a preview šŸ“Š Errors now show you the distribution of affected OS' and browsers


  1. You can know use the up/down arrow keys to quickly view network request details
  2. GraphQL query strings are now nicely formatted in the network request details panel
  3. Fixed a bug where some sessions were not visible /searchable
  4. Performance improvements on the billing page
  5. Emails sent for Highlight comment notifications will now CC the user that created the comment for more streamlined communications
  6. Fixed a bug where the styles for the React Crash Report dialog were getting overridden by application styles
  7. The segment select dropdown's width has been increased so your segment names won't get truncated for shorter names
  8. Track event alerts now include the user's identifier that created the track event
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