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Changelog #047



šŸ“„ Error stack traces will now show the surrounding code lines of where the error was thrown šŸ”Ž Search GraphQL network requests by the operation name in the DevTools šŸ”Ø See if a user is using any browser extensions that might impact page behavior


  1. We now publish a changelog for the package
  2. We've added tooltips to the session card icons to help you understand what they mean
  3. You can now see when a user switches into and away the tab
  4. Using keyboard shortcuts while the session is fullscreen will now provide visual confirmation feedback
  5. Error stack traces will default to being collapsed except for the first frame
  6. The session annotations are now visible when the session is fullscreen
  7. Rage click detection logic has been improved to reduce the number of false positives
  8. Click and hover selector names have been improved to be more specific and unique
  9. The session click animation has been changed to make it more obvious that a click has occurred
  10. The Highlight main bundle size has been reduced by 70% (741kb -> 356kb uncompressed)
  11. The session feed can now be sorted in ascending and descending order
  12. Tooltips will now show on stack traces to inform you if any further action is needed to get more insightful data from errors
  13. Hovering over an event in the session right panel will now indicate where on the timeline that event occurred
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