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Changelog #048



šŸ”Ž You can now search for sessions that have errors and rage clicks šŸ”“ The session feed now shows you which sessions have errors and rage clicks


  1. Improved our server performance for handling large payloads
  2. Fixed a visual bug where the labels on the error page graphs were getting clipped
  3. Fixed a visual bug where the quick search drop shadow would not take up the full viewport
  4. Rage click alerts will not trigger if clicks happen within a <canvas>
  5. Removed a warning message when the number of console messages exceeded an internal limit
  6. The account creation and joining and existing project workflow has been improved
  7. Improvements made to recording <canvas>
  8. You can now download any JSON data that is shown on Highlight to maintain your existing viewing/editing workflows
  9. Added educational message describing what a session's inactive segment is
  10. A track event will now automatically be created when Intercom is opened
  11. The Intercom property highlightSessionUrl will now include a timestamp of when the message was created
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