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Sourcemaps in NextJS

On Vercel

If you are running your Next.js app in Vercel, you can install our integration to automatically inject the HIGHLIGHT_SOURCEMAP_UPLOAD_API_KEY environment variable. Add it to your project and configure it from the link above to inject the necessary environment variables.

Other Cloud Providers

Start your app, go to it in the browser, then click around. Highlight will be recording your session and it will show up on a few seconds after recording has started.

Versioning your Sourcemaps

To version the frontend of your app, we recommend using the Next.js config generateBuildId. Highlight will automatically use that setting to upload sourcemaps with that version. On your next.js frontend, you'll want to set the H.init setting of version to the same value. Make sure to upgrade @highlight-run/next to 2.1.2 for generateBuildId support.