Apr 19, 2023 • 5 min read

Day 3: Open Sourcing our Company

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Jay Khatri
Co-founder, Hype-man & CEO

Its day 3 of launch week! Today, we're excited to be launching several efforts we've been putting together to "open source" our company. The truth about open source is that its much bigger than a github repo; in fact, we've learned that since open sourcing our company processes and values, it's started to pay off in super interesting ways. So today, we highlight (no pun intended 😅) a few of the things about how we do things at Highlight, namely:

- Our company values

- Onboarding our team

- Our competitors

- Our roadmap

Our Company Values

Since starting Highlight, we knew we were operating the company in a unique way. However, it took us a while to actually be able to describe in words what that meant. Today, we're launching a set of values that we all sat down together to formulate.

Read our values here.

Onboarding Our Team

Now that the Highlight team has grown, we have some onboarding processes in place for new folks that join. Rather than keeping these docs internally, we decided to open source these processes as well. Long term, we hope that we can use these processes as a way to onboard consistent contributors as well.

Check out our onboarding docs here.

Our Competitors

One thing that we've always lived and breathed at Highlight is embracing our competition. We're very aware that teams have several options when choosing their monitoring vendor, but to put our best foot forward, we've started documenting the differences we demonstrate.

We started with session replay competitors, and you can find these pages here.

And more to come soon!!

Our Roadmap

Last but not least is what we plan to build in the coming months at Highlight. Rather than deciding what build in isolation, we see a lot of value in open sourcing this to our customers so they can share feedback, show interest, and more.

You can read through our public roadmap here.

And even engage on the github version here.

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