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Mission & Values

Our mission is to support developers (like you) to ship with confidence. We do this by giving you the tools you need to uncover, resolve, and prevent issues in your web app.

We build in public.

We strive to build in public in every way we can. This means sharing our roadmap, product specs, and company strategy. We see this as giving you all the more reason to consider joining us in building highlight.

We prioritize cohesion.

People may think that we're building multiple products (session replay, error monitoring, etc..) but we see it as one. Before we build anything new, we prioritize making it operate seemlessly with everything else. E.g. see our fullstack mapping guide.

We build for today's developer.

If you're building software in today's ecosystem, you probably want to focus on building software. We challenge ourselves to build developer tooling that’s simple, straightforward but powerful if you'd like to dig deeper. is built for developers that want to develop. Leave the monitoring stuff to us 👍.

We execute quickly and fail fast.

Given that most of the things we build are zero to one, there's often no better way to learn than to build. It's hard to predict how something will scale or be interacted w/ without building something and getting early feedback. With this philosophy, however, its easy to ship low quality work, which is why we prefer to "cut scope, not quality".

ABC: Always be chilling....

Though working at can be fast-paced at times, we keep it chill...