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Log Search Specification

Logs are broken down into two discrete concepts: messages and attributes. Given the following log:'Queried table', { table: 'users', query: 'hello', }),

The log message is Queried table and the attributes are table:users and query:hello.

Searching for logs

To search for a log message, simply type the text of the message. Given the following log:"excluding session due to no user interaction events")

We can find this log by typing excluding session due to no user interaction events

To search on a log attribute, add a : between search terms. Given the following log:{ user_id: 42, })

We can search for it via:

  • user_id:42 matches every log where user_id is 42
  • level:info matches every log where level is info

We can exclude logs that match an attribute by prefixing it with -:

  • user_id:-42 matches every log where user_id is not 42
  • level:-info matches every log where level is not info

When multiple attributes are included, they work as an AND operator:

  • user_id:42 level:info - matches every log where user_id is 42 and level is info

When the same attribute is included twice in a search, it works as an OR operator:

  • user_id:42 level:info level:warn - matches every log where user_id is 42 and (level is info or level is warn)

To perform a wildcard search, use the * symbol:

  • service:frontend* matches every log that has a service starting with frontend
  • frontend* matches all log messages starting with the word frontend
  • *frontend matches all log messages ending with the word frontend
Autoinjected attributes

By default, Highlight's SDKs will autoinject attributes to provide additional context as well as assisting in linking sessions and errors to their respective logs.

code.filepathFile path emitting the log./build/backend/worker/worker.go
code.functionFunction emitting the*Worker).Start.func3
code.linenoLine number of the file where the log was emitted.20
os.descriptionDescription of the operating systemAlpine Linux 3.17.2 (Linux 5.10.167-147.601.amzn2.aarch64 #1 SMP Tue Feb 14 21:50:23 UTC 2023 aarch64)
os.typeType of operating systemlinux
levelThe log levelinfo
messageThe log messagepublic-graph graphql request failed
span.idSpan id that contains this log528a54addf6f91cc