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Our Product Philosophy


This doc acts as a reference for our product philosophy at, or to be more exact, how we think about what we build (not necessarily how we build it). It acts as a way for our team to prioritize work as well as educating the public on where we're headed. Sharing this type of content aligns with our values to build in public and we hope to continue sharing more in this space.


Our product philosophy at is centered around the concept of "cohesion", or the idea that we're focused on building a tightly coupled suite of tools that helps developers ship software with confidence.

Prior to working on, we all worked at several tech companies of varying sizes, and had first-hand experience trying to stitch together numerous tools to reproduce bugs. It wasn't uncommon that we had to do something like: log into Sentry to see a stacktrace, log into Splunk to query logs, and after investigating with even more tools, give up and log in "as the user" to try and reproduce the issue.

The Vision

With, we're changing that by building monitoring software that "wraps" your infrastructure and application, and we do ALL the work to stitch everything together. Our long-term goal is that you can trace everything from a button click to a server-side regression with little to no effort.

Now, if you were to ask, "but that's a lot to build, no?" we would reply with "Yes, give us a hand?".