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Changelog 13 (02/24)

The new CommandBar!

Type out "Cmd + K" in your dashboard to search for fields on sessions, errors and more. Here's a sneak peak:

We launched on HackerNews

We launched on hackernews a few days ago, and gained surpassed 1.5k github stars!!! Check out our launch and if you haven't already, check us out on github.

Contributing a new SDK:

Interested in adding a new SDK for your for your backend (that isn't support here)? Check out our new docs on adding an SDK. We're powered by opentelemetry, so adding something for your framework shouldn't be too tough; we're also down to work with you on it!

Thanks to our friends at Algolia, search in our docs is much smoother now! Give it a try with CMD+K.

New SDKs!!

We've shipped even more SDKS this week:

Go Fiber

Python Fast API

Our new logging product (🤫)

We're making a lot of progress on our new logging product; want to join the beta? Shoot us a message in discord


Self-hosting improvements (docs) Lots of work on logging!