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GraphQL Backend

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I migrate schema changes to PostgreSQL?

Schema changes to model.go will be automigrated. New tables should be added to Models. Migrations happen automatically in dev and in a GitHub action as part of our production deploy.

How do I inspect the PostgreSQL database?
cd docker; docker compose exec postgres psql -h localhost -U postgres postgres;

will put you in a postgresql cli connected to your local postgres docker container. Run commands such as \d to list all tables, \d projects to describe the schema of a table (i.e. projects), or show * from sessions to look at data (i.e. rows in the sessions table).

How to generate the GraphQL server definitions?

Per the Makefile, cd backend; make private-gen for changes to private schema.graphqls and cd backend; make public-gen for changes to public schema.graphqls. The commands can also be executed inside docker:

cd backend; make private-gen; make public-gen;