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Changelog 18 (04/26)

Error boundary improvements!

We just shipped a bunch of improvements to our error boundary. Namely:

  • No longer required to import a .css file.
  • Lots of design updates (see above)
GitHub Integration is live

Our GitHub integration is now live. Checkout the docs here.

Docs for our hobby deploy is live

You can now deploy on a hobby instance. It's important to note that this is different from our dev deploy, which is used for developing on Highlight (useful for contributors). The hobby deploy is for folks that want to self-host Highlight for a low-traffic setup. Docs here.

Open Source Updates
Launch week recap

Interested in hearing about how our launch week went last week? Take a look on our blog here.

GitHub Discussion on Error Monitoring

We're focusing on improving our error monitoring product this upcoming quarter. Please share on this GitHub discussion.