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Changelog 15 (03/11)

Added a "goto" button on each devtools resource.

In the devtools panel, you can now directly click a "goto" icon on an error, network request, or log. Check it out:

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More improvements to replay speed + jitters.

Small issues related to caching the time of a given session across multiple sesions.

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Slack alerts normally linked to the error group, but didn't link to the specific instance. We now link to the exact instance of an error that way you click into the relevant session.

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New product pages on our landing page.

We just added some new product pages on our landing page. Take a look and share feedback if you like:

SVB Exposure luckily had no exposure to the revent SVB situation, however, we understand that many of our customers might. If this is the case, and you need payment relief for your subscription, please reach out to us at