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Changelog 22 (08/07)

Remix SDK at v0

Remix works great with Highlight. It was surprisingly easy to instrument.

Check out our @highlight-run/remix docs for an easy walkthrough.

Remix to Highlight Log Stream

Quickly and easily configure a Render log drain with Highlight:

Render to Highlight

Canvas Manual Snapshotting

@Vadman97 solved a long-standing issue with WebGL double buffering. The WebGL memory would render a transparent image even though the GPU was rending the image correctly. This caused missing images in Session Replay.

Take full control over your Canvas snapshots with the manual snapshotting docs

Render to Highlight

Set "Service Name" and "Service Version" with the Python and Go SDKs

We've added service_name and service_version parameters to the Python SDK and the Go SDK.

These params make logs much more searchable.

Python Service Name

🚨Community Contribution 🚨
Repaired scrolling in metadata

Shout out to to Kalkidan Betre—@kalibetre on GitHub—for their open source contribution. They noticed that our Metadata window on the Session Replay screen wasn't scrolling correctly, and they sent in a pull request to fix it.

Thanks Kalkidan!

Metadata scroll