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Managing Errors

Keeping on top of errors is a challenging effort for any company. Bugs are rarely prioritized and typically don't get attention until a customer writes in about it. Very quickly, errors pile up and it is challenging to distinguish what is signal versus what is noise.

Resolving errors

Once an error has been fixed, update the status to "Resolved" to remove it from the main Errors view.

Auto-resolving errors

In your project settings, you can auto-resolve errors that haven't been seen for a given time period. If you're trying to manage your error fatigue, we recommend setting this to something low like "7 days".

Snoozing errors

If an error is frequently occurring and is causing lots of noise, you can Snooze until a certain time.

Want additional management features?

If you'd like additional ways to manage errors, we're open to feedback. Please reach out to us in our discord community.