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Learn how to setup Highlight log ingestion on []( As a prerequisite, we assume you already have an application deployed on and `flyctl` configured locally.
Configure and launch the logs shipper, configured for the highlight log drain.

No other work is needed on the side of your application, as fly apps are already sending monitoring information back to fly which we can read. Check out the for more details.

# spin up the fly log shipper image fly launch --image
# set the org for your deployment fly secrets set ORG=personal
# give the logs shipper access to other containers' logs fly secrets set ACCESS_TOKEN=$(fly auth token)
# set to configure your highlight project. # this tells to log shipper to send data to highlight. fly secrets set HIGHLIGHT_PROJECT_ID=<YOUR_PROJECT_ID>
Verify your backend logs are being recorded.

Visit the highlight logs portal and check that backend logs are coming in.